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Ever heard of interlocking concrete pavers? They are an excellent choice for those looking for affordability, durability and ease of installation. Interlocking paver systems feature a unique design that allows them to lock together like puzzle pieces, eliminating the need for mortar or adhesive.

And the interlocking mechanism provides strength, stability and flexibility to withstand heavy loads and shifting ground conditions. The advantages of interlocking concrete pavers are huge – and many people could benefit from using this intelligent pavement system.

Ease of installation

Installing pavers can be a big and messy job – but not when you use an interlocking concrete system. The pavers are designed to lock together tightly with their neighbours without needing any kind of adhesive to achieve the job.

They are far quicker to install than comparable materials such as poured concrete or asphalt, which require a great deal of preparation and can take days to cure completely. Depending on the size of the area, an interlocking pavement can be installed in just a day or two, and can be used immediately once the installation process is complete.

Outstanding heavy load performance

Interlocking pavement systems are ideal for driveways, large carparks, terminals, hardstands, service stations or any application than needs to withstand heavy vehicle loading – due to the very nature of the interlocking system.

They outperform traditional asphalt or concrete pavements, as the greater the turning load applied to them, the stronger they interlock. When laid correctly, they are suitable for all types of vehicle use, including heavy trucks, and can easily withstand vehicle action such as parking, braking and accelerating.

Low maintenance

This flexible, segmental pavement system eliminates shrinkage cracking and joint stepping, and provide an extremely low maintenance surface.

No need to baby these pavers – they’ll only need occasional sealing and cleaning to maintain their functionality and looks.


When properly installed and cared for, an interlocking pavement system can last for years without a problem – and will increase the value of your premises as well.

They ensure the vitality and stability of your paved area, as they are super strong yet flexible.

Easy to repair

It’s a simple process to remove a broken or damaged paver and restore the paved surface to uniformity. Simply remove the damaged paver and replace it with another one – a very convenient feature in high use areas.

Just make sure you order and store some extra pavers to make repair jobs quick and easy.

Excellent safety qualities

Interlocking pavement systems are – and have to be – extremely safe to use, for both foot and vehicle traffic. They are resistant to extreme heat, and provide high abrasion and skid resistance, and thus a very safe surface.

They comply with all regulations and requirements when used in commercial settings, making them the best choice for high use, high traffic areas.

Long-lasting colours

The high-quality oxide pigments used in the creation of concrete interlocking systems ensures long-lasting paver colour.

Stain resistant

As well, interlocking concrete pavers are highly resistant to fuel and oil stains and other elements that could potentially mar the surface.

All they’ll need is a quick clean and they’ll be restored to their crisp, clean look.

Cost effective

Interlocking pavers are certainly amazing – and you might think they’ll come at a huge price. You’d be wrong – interlocking pavement systems are one of the most cost-effective flooring choices around, and when you consider how long they’ll last, they provide a great return on investment. Have a look at a high-quality range of interlocking concrete pavers here:

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