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Looking for the best ATV batties – What do you need to think about?

An ATV battery does not differ much from a motorcycle battery in terms of size. But in terms of performance, they can differ a lot. In addition to being extra powerful, an ATV battery also needs to be shock-resistant. 

Many of us with quad bikes use these all year round, and therefore the requirements for the battery are automatically higher. If you want the best ATV battery, there are basically only two battery types to choose from, and they are AGM or GEL batteries. 

The concrete benefits you get with an AGM battery are the following: 

  • Leak-free
  • No liquid acid
  • Resistant to deep discharges
  • Maintenance free
  • Shock resistant and withstands vibrations better than traditional batteries
  • Good for extreme heat and cold
  • Protection against sulphation (keeps life longer)
  • Often has a powerful starting effect (which is usually required for ATVs)

An AGM battery is thus made to sit inside an ATV, and that is also the reason why the battery type has become so popular with ATVs and motocross owners in recent years. 

You can buy nice branded batteries in liquid acid as well, at a lower price. But it’s a waste of money. Avoid batteries with liquid acid. It is not optimal for ATVs or similar off-road vehicles. They simply cannot withstand the vibrations.

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Which battery fits my ATV?

The size can vary greatly from ATV to ATV. To avoid buying the wrong battery, you need to read the designation of the existing battery. The designation may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the battery, but they are usually very similar. Here are three examples: 

  • CB12A-A = YB12A-A
  • CB10A-A2 = YB10A-A2
  • EGC22-12 = REC22-12

The designations mean exactly the same battery and size, but the manufacturers have chosen to use different letters in the beginning. The dimensions of the batteries are also always reported, and for those of you with a lot of space, a larger battery is preferable. Buy as large a battery as you can fit in – it pays off in the long run, and can also sometimes be the cheapest option. 

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Frequently asked questions about ATV batteries

How do you best maintain your battery?

The absolute best thing to do is to drive a lot. A battery does not feel good when left standing, and needs to be used to keep it alive. If you rarely ride the quad bike, you need to charge the battery from time to time. 

Which volt has a fully charged ATV battery? 

A fully charged battery in good condition should have a voltage between 12.7 to 12.8 Volts. This applies to all 12-volt batteries, so it is not unique to ATV batteries in particular. 

Which volt has a bad ATV battery? 

If the battery shows a voltage between 11 and 12.6 volts, it is bad. It does not have to be completely broken, but it is really used and will most certainly need to be replaced in the future. 

Which volt has a broken ATV battery? 

If the voltage is below 11 volts when you measure it after charging, a cell is probably broken. It can also be due to sulphation. But regardless, it’s just throwing. Anything below 11 volts shows that the battery is completely consumed. 

Is it possible to leave the charger switched on during the winter?

Yes, provided you have a smart battery charger such as. and CTEK. 

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