Body corporate management is something you need to get right. Managing a body corporate is too time-consuming, challenging and involved to be able to make the wrong decision when it comes to your choice of body corporate manager. Choosing a body corporate manager who is not up to the task can have a hugely negative impact on your body corporate scheme. The wrong body corporate manager can lead to an inefficiently managed building, strained relationships between residents and legal and financial difficulties that could have serious ramifications.

Clearly, you need to ensure you choose an efficient, knowledgeable and professional body corporate manager who’s capable of managing your building to a high standard. A good body corporate manager will provide you with timely and responsive help, advice and practical support in all manner of body corporate issues. Their expert management services will streamline the building management process and ensure that your biggest asset is managed with the utmost care. Plus, they’ll treat everyone involved with the building with respect, courtesy and equality. The best body corporate managers maintain a professional yet friendly relationship with all members of the strata scheme, and ensure that everyone is dealt with fairly.

There are a lot of body corporate managers out there, and not all are created equal. As in any profession, there are varying levels of service provided. Choosing an efficient, effective and responsive body corporate manager is key to a satisfying and peaceful experience with strata living. Here’s what to look for in your search to find a body corporate manager who’ll be an asset to your building, not a hindrance.


Your body corporate manager needs to be knowledgeable about two very important factors: the area your building is in and your state legislation. Each state has different strata regulations and legislation, and a good body corporate manager will have detailed knowledge of your state’s specific regulations. They will also understand the unique challenges of your local region, and any considerations they will need to take into account for your city.


It’s a given that a body corporate manager should be professional at all times. You are trusting the administration of your building (a very large asset) to this person, and you have a right to expect professional treatment. Any body corporate manager you employ should be a certified member of Strata Community Australia, which is the professional body for the strata sector as well.


As well, a body corporate manager with experience is preferable. An experienced body corporate manager has probably already dealt with whatever problem might arise in your strata scheme, and will likely have sage advice and a solution already. Proven results is a good indication that a strata manager has been successful in the past, and will likely be able to successfully manage your building too.


Having a body corporate manager who’s available whenever you need them is invaluable. The last thing you want is to be playing phone tag and passing messages when you have pressing issues to deal with. You need someone who you have direct access to, who returns calls in a timely manner and treats you as if you’re a priority.


As well, you need someone who takes a proactive approach in dealing with body corporate matters, and who takes the initiative in finding solutions. They should also be able to deal with problems quickly and effectively.

Communication skills

And finally, strong communication skills will go a long way towards managing conflict and people effectively. Your body corporate manager should maintain clear lines of communication with the strata community, listen well, be transparent about their process and understand and act upon your concerns.

How to find the right body corporate manager

Arrange to meet your potential body corporate manager in person, or at least speak on the phone to get a feel for how they work, and to get all your questions answered. Make sure this person is the right fit for your building, and will do a great job.

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