For many of us, retirement is something to dream about, plan for and look forward to. And while the thought of retirement freedom is enticing, this period of our lives does come with the potential to completely change your life. There can be an overwhelming number of decisions to make – concerning location, living arrangements, financial arrangements and just how you’ll spend all that free time you’ll now have on your hands.

The biggest of these decisions is usually where you’ll live – and how. Will you continue living in your own home, move in with family, move to a completely different location, buy a caravan and travel around Australia, downsize your home for a smaller one, or move into a retirement village?

Retirement village living is a popular option for many older Australians, and for good reason. Retirement communities, being specifically designed to meet the needs of retirees, offer plenty of benefits for people in that category, coupled with very few downsides. Below are just some of the reasons why retirement villages are such a popular choice, and why you’ll love life in one.

The perfect transition between independent living and assisted living

Most retirees are perfectly capable of living independently, but may not want to deal with maintaining a large home any longer. Retirement villages provide the perfect stepping stone between independent living and assisted living (such as residential aged care), and are the ideal way to transition from one to the other. Retirement villages allow you to experience life with some assistance, while still living independently, and make life much easier as you transition to old age.

And if you reach the point of needing more help, many retirement villages provide partner aged care facilities, where you can transition to a higher level of care in the same location and community. Retirement villages smooth the transition, make the changes less jarring and allow you time to adjust to a new way of living. You still retain your independence, choice and control, but can access a certain amount of help and support, which is really useful as you get older.

No more boring household chores

One of the ways retirement villages make life easier is by taking all those boring household and garden maintenance chores off your hands! Most of us don’t enjoy things like cleaning the gutters, painting the eaves, mowing the lawn or cleaning the outside of your house – and in a retirement community, you don’t have to do them.

You’re free to leave the household and garden chores behind, and enjoy spending time in your home and garden, rather than working in them. And of course, if you enjoy things like gardening and mowing, you always have the choice to do those if you prefer. Your retirement community will take care of all the maintenance tasks for you – and will look after your home and garden even if you’re away travelling. It’s the ultimate in freedom, and retirees can rightfully enjoy spending their free time just as they wish.

A greater social life

And they may wish to spend more time on physical or social activities, as many retirees do. A retirement village is the perfect place to do so, as it provides an in-built community of like-minded acquaintances and friends to socialise with. And socialising is hugely important as you get older, providing enormous mental, physical and emotional benefits.

Loneliness and isolation in seniors can lead to mental health issues, depression, poorer health outcomes and even a shorter life. Seniors who are socially active enjoy many benefits, including a lower risk of dementia, stronger immune system, better mental health and longer life. Studies have actually shown that retirement community residents are happier overall and sometimes healthier than those who don’t live in one.

There are always plenty of activities on the go in retirement communities, and many are offered on-site or in very close proximity, cutting down on the need for travel. They provide strong friendships, a positive sense of belonging and a wonderful community feel – the perfect place for retirees to thrive.

Safety and security

And we can’t forget about the security aspects of retirement villages. Not only do you get the comfort of living amongst other people, villages also provide plenty of safety and security features to keep you safe, happy and comfortable. Some will be external, such as gated entrances and security cameras, and some will be internal, such as security screens, locking windows, handrails, and non-slip surfaces.

And if you are unlucky enough to suffer a fall or health emergency while in your house, you’ll usually have access to an alarm system to call for help. You’re never far from help and support in a retirement community – and that can be extremely comforting for older people.

Retirement village living is a wonderful lifestyle choice for older Australians, who recognise the fantastic benefits that life in a community will provide. If you’re ready to make that choice, have a look at Alumuna, a high-quality retirement village in regional NSW, here:

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