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The problems you’ll encounter when parking in the Brisbane CBD – and the best way to overcome them

Parking in the Brisbane CBD is well known to generate feelings of stress, anger, anxiety, confusion and just plain rage. If you’re not overly familiar with the Brisbane CBD – or even if you are – it can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to find a place to park. Especially if you’re not willing to spend the earth on a parking place!

If you’ve encountered any of these parking issues when parking in the centre of Brisbane, you’re not alone – but they can be extremely frustrating, inconvenient and stress-inducing.

Knowing where you can and can’t park

It’s essential that you know where you can and can’t park, and there are plenty of rules that you’ll need to remember. For instance, you can’t:

· Park within 10m of an intersection without traffic lights

· Park within 20m of an intersection with traffic lights

· Park within 20m from the back of a bus stop, or within 10m of the front of a bus stop

· Park in a clearway

· Park in any zone marked with a solid yellow line on the road

And these are just a few of the many parking rules that must be followed if you want to avoid fines and towing. While this may not be a huge problem in the inner CBD, as parking on the street is generally not permitted, you may run into these problems on the outskirts of the Brisbane CBD.

As well, the city of Brisbane is divided into traffic and parking control areas, where area-wide parking limits and regulations apply. These conditions are explained on signs located at the boundary of each area, but they are easy to miss. To make it even more challenging, various locations in Brisbane have different restrictions at different times of the day. What

this boils down to is the fact that you can’t just park anywhere that’s convenient – you need to know exactly where and how you are allowed to park.

Parking illegally in Brisbane CBD

And if you don’t know where you are legally allowed to park, you could end up parking illegally or dangerously, possibly creating a public safety problem. You might end up with a large fine, or your car might even get towed, leading to further out-of-pocket expenses to get it back.

Finding nearby and available parking in Brisbane CBD

One of the biggest challenges can be finding available parking near your CBD destination. While there may be parking nearby, it quickly fills up and you may find yourself cutting laps around the area looking for a free park – or parking miles away and having to make a long trek to your destination.

Paying for parking

Let’s face it, no one likes the parking gouge, but sometimes it seems like you’re paying a small fortune for the privilege of parking in the Brisbane CBD. Obviously, space is at a premium, and no one can expect to park for nothing in a busy area like the CBD, but does it really have to be so eye-wateringly expensive?

When using council parking bays or the services of traditional parking operators, parking off-street in the CBD can cost anywhere from $35 a day to $95 a day, depending on the location of the car park, the security level and the amenities available nearby. In some places, you might find yourself paying $30 for one hour of parking! That’s beyond the reach of many people, particularly during these pandemic-affected tough times.


And if you don’t have a solution to your parking problem figured out before you go, you may find yourself circling the CBD endlessly looking for somewhere to park. If you need to be on time, you can’t leave parking to chance.


What all this adds up to – is a lot of stress. Trying to navigate the crowded and sometimes confusing CBD streets while scanning for a park is not only stressful but can also be dangerous. It can be a nightmare getting a nearby, safe and affordable park, particularly if you have a deadline to meet. Your stress levels can skyrocket – and we all know the impact stress can have on our health.

The solution to the issue of parking in Brisbane’s CBD

If you’re looking for a no stress and no fuss parking solution (and aren’t we all?) – we have the answer. First Parking – a simply better carpark solution that offers convenient and safe lower cost parking with a simple flat rate. And Parking in a First Parking car park won’t just save you dollars, it will also save you time, stress and hassle. The state-of-the-art licence plate recognition technology means you can enter and exit the car park and pay for your parking just by having your licence plate read! No more losing parking tickets or messing

around paying by credit card – the boom gate will simply charge your nominated credit card by reading your licence plate, and away you go! (Of course, there are ticketed options as well if you prefer not to register your credit card.)

As well, if you’re a regular CBD parker, First Parking’s monthly parking plan gives you 24/7 access to secure carparks, unlimited entries and exits and the opportunity for discounted parking. If you’re looking for flexible, convenient, affordable and hassle-free parking in the CBD, you’ve found it – First Parking solves all the problems of parking in the Brisbane CBD with ease! Find out more about First Parking’s no stress and no fuss parking process here:

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