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What is remarketing?

Remarketing (also called retargeting) is a very effective way of advertising. This means that you market to visitors who have been to a certain page or app to get them to come back. We have used remarketing ourselves and see that it is one of the most efficient PPC channels as up to 70% of visitors can convert.

Therefore, remarketing is an effective form of advertising

Strangely enough, relatively few companies use remarketing, not least for online shops, which is strange when they put a lot of energy into getting traffic through social media and other channels.  

The fact that a person has been on your website or put a product in a shopping cart is no guarantee that they will become customers. In webshops, it is estimated that 70% abandon shopping baskets where customers put products, but there is no conversion and consequently, they do not become customers.

Start by creating remarketing lists

Once you have installed cookies for the corresponding web pages, the advertisement is like a self-playing piano. A visitor who comes to your website receives a cookie linked to that person’s browser. The visitor then sees your ad on other sites as they continue to browse.

You create the lists in Google Ads or in Google Analytics, but it is more effective to create them in Google Analytics – where you can make full use of demographic settings. 

In addition, you can use several different lists in Analytics. You will find the settings under admin – remarketing – audiences where you can create the lists you need.

Examples of lists that you can use with remarketing

  • Everyone who visited your site
  • Anyone who has converted
  • Anyone who has searched your site
  • Web visitors who have visited several web pages or been on the page for a long time
  • You can use RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) to reach users who have been to your site but then search for competitors

If you have a structure with clear landing pages, you can use the technology and create customized messages and ads depending on which page they have shown interest in.

2. Tools for creating professional ads

A good place to create your ads is Canva is a very easy-to-use tool where you can download images and customize your own ads, which also often look surprisingly good!

Criticism of remarketing and the need to create cool remarketing

Many customers we have talked to are critical of remarketing because they feel that they are being persecuted online and that the ads feel intrusive.  

Nothing can be more wrong. Classic good advertising has always been about repeating its marketing message. What is disturbing is when irrelevant ads haunt the users – in this area it is important to create cool ads where you adapt the message and content to the target group.

Another part that many advertisers miss is putting a “frequency cap” on the ads, which means setting a maximum limit on how often the ads are shown in the month. By setting a lower frequency ceiling, you reach your customer group while not destroying your brand.

Other restrictions that you should set are which pages you appear on and where the ads appear. Being seen in pornography, violence or the wrong contexts can be very harmful to the brand. You can also set restrictions on where the ad space will be displayed so that you do not place ads on the lower part of the website called “under the fold”.

Tools and extensions in Chrome

There are extensions in Chrome to help you identify if they are targeting you or if your retargeting is working.

  • Facebook Pixel Helper
  • Tag Assistant

Different types of remarketing

There are different types of remarketing on Google:

  • Google Display Ads (GDA) Remarketing Here you reach 90% of all Internet users worldwide.
  • RLSA – Remarketing List for Search Ads means that you can change the bids if they have visited your site.
  • Dynamic remarketing is effective if you have many products on the page.

Remarketing not just on Google Ads

Do not forget that remarketing is a marketing technique. There are several services other than Google Ads online that use remarketing. There is remarketing for Google Ads, Youtube (video remarketing), Twitter, Mobile and Facebook. If you use Facebook, set a remarketing pixel to use. There are also retargeting services like

In video advertising, an effective method is ad sequencing and it can be done with remarketing. Through video ad sequences and pure brand ads, it is possible to get lower costs per lead. 

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