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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that replaces a lost tooth root. Titanium is a material that is well accepted by the body. The dental implant is inserted directly into the jawbone and grows firmly. The healing time – or the time it takes for the implant to grow firmly in the bone – is in most cases 8-12 weeks.

Modern implant treatment is a safe method and almost always succeeds. Before the treatment, it is important to make a thorough examination with, among other things, X-rays to check that the jawbone is healthy and that there are enough bones for us to be able to operate on titanium screws. With the help of our CBCT, a 3D X-ray, we can get even better information about what the jawbone looks like. It is also important that the other teeth are healthy and infection-free.

The implant treatment is done in two (sometimes three) steps.

  1. First, one or more titanium implants are operated into the jaw – this is then allowed to grow firmly into the jawbone for eight to twelve weeks. This is the surgical part of the treatment.
  2. Once the implants have healed, we begin the production of the crown or bridge that will sit on the implant – the prosthetic part of the treatment. Some tests may be needed before the teeth are finally in place.

Just like natural teeth, implants also require regular check-ups and careful oral hygiene. With careful care, you contribute to the implant working for a long time. Our dental hygienists inform and show you about appropriate measures and good oral hygiene.

There is no upward age limit for getting implants. For children and young people who are still growing, we wait with implants until they have finished growing.

Different types of dental implants

The implant gives the new tooth a stable attachment. Before, the only alternative was a bridge and then you had to grind down the healthy neighboring teeth. The implant also prevents the breakdown of the jawbone that occurs when you lose one or more teeth.

Single implant

Multi implant

Replacement of several teeth with an implant-anchored bridge construction.

Whole jaw

Poorly fitting false teeth are a major functional and social problem for many. You do not feel safe. It becomes difficult to go to work, it is not fun to meet new people, it is uninteresting to go to a restaurant. The dream would be own teeth stuck.

Today you can get an implant bridge that you dare to smile and laugh with and chew apples and crispbread without abrasions or pain. It’s quality of life.

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