How to hire a paving expert

Paving expert

Preparations, benefits and pitfalls Should you hire a professional for paving, tiling or the wall in the garden? Read our guide on how it works and what benefits arise. We also give tips on what you should think about before you call the installer. Regardless of whether the garden project is small or large, everyone strives for a nice and sustainable end result. A good way to get there is to let a professional do the work.

This applies not least if you are unsure of the craft itself or have difficulty finding enough time. In addition to the work being carried out professionally, a knowledgeable installer can act as a sounding board when, for example, choosing different tiles or stones. But do not forget to think first. Stefan Rooth, a developer with many years of industry experience, highlights three golden starting tips.

Sketch easily

Start by making a simple sketch of the surface that you are going to make in order. It absolutely does not have to be exact measurements, but more a picture of what is to be done and on what surface. Then it is easier to discuss further with the developer you contact. If you want to see samples of laid stone and live near Flisby’s stone shops, you can go there and see their exhibitions.

Calculate a budget

Many people I come in contact with think that the tiles make up the majority of the cost. All projects have their conditions, but roughly speaking, the material usually makes up a quarter. The three remaining quarters are excavation, laying, as well as backfilling and gravel material. If you choose a more expensive plate, however, it will be a larger share of the cost, as there will rarely be more work with such a plate. Natural stone has a higher price, but lasts longer and only looks better over the years.

“Compare apples with apples”

Always be careful when comparing quotes, check that the price you get includes VAT. What is included can differ from different facilities, such as asphalting outside a wall, topsoil for tiles, rental of machines and the like. If you feel unsure, you can ask for a reference. Compare apples to apples!

Avoid pitfalls

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a contractor is the preparatory work. If it is not done correctly, it does not matter how the rest of the project is carried out. 

– Laying is not our most important task, but it is the preparatory work. That it is properly excavated, that the material is correct and that, for example, non-woven fabric is used when necessary – these are things you get in the package when you hire an experienced builder. Then you avoid settling and the tiles sinking after a year or two, says Stefan.

Is there a garden project where a builder should be hired even if you are handy enough to handle tiling yourself? The answer comes quickly from Stefan. – Definitely walls and stairs. A flat surface is fairly easy to correct if you have made a mistake. But if a part of the wall that is too big or too small ends up underground, you basically have to remove everything and start all over again. If you start wrong with a staircase so that a step then settles, all steps will settle.

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