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Examine the work environment

To access the causes and what lies behind work-related stress
it is important to ensure that particularly stressful conditions and tasks
is included in the survey for all employees.

There are many different ways to systematically examine the risks that exist
in the work environment. Adapt the way to your business. You can, for example, collect
tasks in collaboration by conducting a dialogue about risky working conditions and work requirements in daily operations. The survey can take place within
the framework for different types of meeting forms such as:

• employee interviews,
• workplace meetings,
• working group meetings,
• safety committee meetings,
• management meetings.

Special surveys where employees have the opportunity to remain anonymous can demonstrate stress and provide valuable information about perceived shortcomings and

In most cases, imbalance and stress arise by taking risks and burdens
factors interact. It is more uncommon for work-related stress to depend on one
single relationship or a single factor.
Examples of risks and conditions that can give rise to stress:

  • Requirement
  • Unclear expectations of work effort
  • Stresses generated by threats
  • and risks of violence
  • Demanding contacts with clients,
  • customers, relatives with fera
  • Requirements generated by difficult to use
  • IT system
  • Large amount of work
  • Constant changes
  • High staff turnover

Lack of resources

  • Lack of support from managers
  • Lack of support from colleagues
  • Insufficient knowledge
  • Insufficient time, staff or
  • non-human resources such as premises and technical aids
  • Unclear powers

  1. Assess the risks
    Risk assessment refers to an assessment of the severity of risk conditions
    identified by the survey. The purpose is to determine if action is needed.
  2. Address the risks, write an action plan
    It is seldom possible to easily identify an appropriate measure. To take the right
    measures, it is necessary to investigate what organizational measures are
    appropriate. Investigates and implements measures in consultation with the employees who are
    concerned. In this way, they can be designed and adapted so that the right measures are taken and
    implementation become effective.
    Take risks immediately when possible, and write down what has been done. About it
    does not work, make an action plan that includes the following:
    • what risks exist
    • what to do
    • who will do it
    • when it should be ready.
    If a widespread problem has been identified, it is neither reassuring nor
    effective to patch and repair at the symptom level. Different types of individual measures
    which aims to, for example, help workers with stress management work
    for some, but does not access what causes and gives rise to the work-related stress. Measures that involve improvements for some do not get at the same time
    lead to deterioration for others. For some actions, a decision may be required on one
    higher management level or by top management.
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