Solar panels for Businesses: This is how you make a good investment

It is not only profitable for private individuals to invest in solar panels but also companies that have their own property can benefit from the sun’s energy and thus save significant sums on their electricity costs.

In this article, you will get information on how you should think when investing in solar panels for your company.

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Why should you get solar panels for the Business?

With solar panels, you can produce some of the energy required to run the business. You can also produce electricity to use in connection with charging electric cars, electric trucks and other electronic tools and machines. 

The fact that energy-intensive companies themselves contribute to the use of renewable energy means that the companies partly contribute to a better environment but also lead by example, which is something that is appreciated by both customers and partners.

In addition, the company’s finances are less affected if prices in the electricity market begin to move upwards.

Many companies around Sweden have invested in solar panels, which has contributed to them saving significant sums linked to their electricity consumption and at the same time strengthening their environmental profile. For better solar energy efficiency, you need a better solar battery. Mostly Lithium batteries work well.

Benefits of solar panels for companies

Installing solar panels for companies has many advantages and really very few if any disadvantages. Of course you have to pay a certain investment cost for your photovoltaic system, but over time it is an investment that gives a very good return on capital.

Below you will find some benefits of installing solar panels for your business.

  • The solar panels produce electricity that the Business consumes directly. Since the business consumes the most electricity during the day, when the business is active, the business will be able to use all the electricity that a photovoltaic system produces during the day. During evenings and weekends, the business will probably receive a surplus of electricity that can be sold on the electricity grid through the business electricity supplier.
  • Solar panels are an environmentally friendly alternative. Producing electricity with the help of solar panels is an environmentally friendly alternative that contributes to us having a cleaner environment and reducing the climate threat. This strengthens the business environmental profile, which is often appreciated by customers and partners who are environmentally conscious.
  • Produce your own electricity for electric cars. If the business has invested in electric cars, self-produced electricity can make the business self-sufficient when it comes to the operating costs of its electric cars. Other vehicles and machines that are powered or charged with electricity can also become completely self-sufficient.
  • The business is less affected by a troubled electricity market. Companies that produce part of their energy needs themselves are less affected by the increase in the price of the electricity market.

Solar energy is a natural power that can be used to produce electricity. Using solar power not only helps with financial but is also good for green earth. We can use solar power at home, Business & Agriculture. Also, using a solar power bank is a good option when we go campaign, fishing, hiking & off-road adventure.

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common questions

Below we answer the most common questions regarding solar panels for business activities.

Is a building permit required to install solar panels for companies?

Normally, a building permit is not required today to install solar panels. However, some properties in certain areas may be classified as protection, which may mean that a building permit is required. Contact your municipality for more information.

How long does it take for solar panels to become profitable for companies?

For companies that buy slightly larger photovoltaic systems of 20 kW or more and that can themselves consume all the electricity that the solar panels produce, the payback period is relatively short and is normally just under 10 years.  After that, there are between 15-20 years of reduced electricity costs for the business operations, which means that the return on invested capital is very good.

Can you cover the entire business electricity needs with the help of solar panels?

For those companies that only consume electricity during the day when the solar panels produce the most electricity, it may be absolutely possible to cover the company’s electricity needs with the help of solar energy. Since the electricity is not stored, the business needs to buy electricity during the times when the solar panels do not produce electricity. If it is during times that the business consumes minimal electricity, such as in the evenings and nights, the need to buy electricity will be very small.

At the same time, the solar panels produce electricity during evenings and weekends when the business is usually closed. The electricity that is not consumed by companies is resold on the electricity market. This gives the company income that can cover the cost of most of the electricity that the business needs to buy.

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